Luxury Kitchens for 2019

Luxury Kitchens for 2019

The kitchens are undoubtedly one of the areas that determine the decoration tone of your home. And the basic element of decorating the kitchens is the countertops. Material content, dozens of color and pattern options that dominate the countertop designs allow the renewal of decoration fashion with different designs. In 2019, the noble stance of the color black is dominant in counter fashion. Also, another trendy design is the combination of wooden kitchen cabinets and light-colored granite or quartz countertops. The leading company Granite Vision which offer the best granite countertops in Virginia, guides you to choose the best design for your kitchen with its qualified service and experts.

Natural and Functional Fashion in Granite Countertops

Among the timeless countertop designs, natural quartz models stand out. With their stain-resistant, low maintenance, and almost indestructible line, quartz countertops are preferred with their functionality and modern looks. Also natural stone kitchen countertops Virginia are the products that will not be outdated. Like Italian marble, Brazilian soapstone and Indian quartzite, special and luxury collections are brought from all over the world for any new season.

Countertops designs that guide the fashion of 2019 are the lightweight, large format and ultra-thin polished porcelain panels. In addition, ravishing veins and fantastic view on display stand out in new design understanding. In this frame kitchen countertops, VA meets high expectations with its various designs like Cambria, Zodiac or Silestone countertops. These models are reinforced with organic colorways and natural-stone-inspired textures to create trendy and friendly spaces. Lightweight and durable formats are ideal for both new installations and remodeling projects since these granite countertops can be installed over existing surfaces.

Large Format, Suitable Parcels 

2019 countertops are stain-resistant, nonporous, heat resistant, making the material suitable for a different kitchen and bathroom projects. So granite in Virginia designs substitutes for natural stone slabs and tile. In addition, trendy large format of countertops require no routine maintenance and installed with minimal grout lines. They are also very suitable for exterior design project including accent walls, flooring, showers, countertops, backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds. 

With its 20 years of experience, leading granite company Granite Vision presents the most modern and functional countertop models of 2019. Virginia marble and granite designs make you the privilege and its experienced team of professionals helps you with your kitchen renovation ideas.