Quarz Countertops


Our Quartz Countertops Selection

With its two-decade-long experience in the industry, Granite Vision is ready to help you in every step of your granite and marble needs. Ranging from the simple designs to the more complex designs, our highly skilled and experienced staff will ensure that you the best results you can expect. We are located in Woodbridge, Virginia and our slab yard has over 70 quality stones including exotic quartz stones.

Our Quartz Countertops Selection
Cambria is much durable than granite or marble. Thanks to its durability, Cambria is less prone to be damaged or stained by outside sources and can stand the test of time for years. While granite and marble need to be sealed and polished regularly, all Cambria needs is a little wiping with warm water and soap. Cambria's nonporous structure prevents harmful bacteria from harboring as it does not draw in moisture from leftovers.

Caesarstone breathes life into interior designs by combining style with exceptional performance. From the obtainment of raw materials to the final quality control check, experienced and highly skilled staff ensure that the quality of Caesarstone is unmatched. Silestone has become to be preferred for countertops over other traditional countertops materials like granite. The reasons reflecting this preference are that Silestone’s unsurpassed durability and countless color options offered with this surface.
Zodiaq quartz combines the beauty of nature with science for use in new residential and commercial design. Zodiaq quartz surface is absolutely unique with its pure quartz crystal design and diamond-like gleam.

MSI quartz brings beautiful designs, durability, and endless color options together for looks that endure life-long and is a designer favorite. With its impressive collection, MSI quartz countertops offer inspirational styles and fit perfectly into any decorative scheme. Dekton excels in resisting heat and scratches. It also stands up to water and ultraviolet rays of the sun, making Dekton is a perfect choice for outdoor use. Unlike traditional marble and granite, Dekton does not require periodic sealing.

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom with quality quartz countertops, you can contact Granite Vision and choose from a wide variety of products.