If Your Kitchen is Large, You Can Choose Dark Colors And Mattes.

Kitchen granite countertops are beautiful and timeless. If chosen carefully, they will help you to create a unique look in your cooking space. One of the most important things to consider when choosing kitchen granite countertops is the size of your kitchen. Large or small, when renovated with the right type of granite, your kitchen will definetely transform.

If the space is limited, you should go for a light coloured countertop which will allow maximum light reflection. Aside from the colour, choosing the right finish is also essential. A glossy countertop, with its mirror like surface will make the kitchen appear more spacious than it really is. If your kitchen is big, you can opt for dark colours and matte finishes to make it look more sophisticated.
Once you have chosen the colour and the finish, you can also pick a pattern for your granite. A solid granite is a great choice for small kitchens as they have very little variation in their patterns. We suggest you to avoid granites with busy patterns if your space is limited. Edge style also matters when choosing the right countertop. Highly decorative edges are not recommended for small kitchens as they usually create an illusion of less space. Countertops with decorative edge styles will stand out in large kitchens.
However, it is hard to choose among all these beautiful options when it comes to decorating your kitchen or bathrooms. There are various options that will make you confused about your choices. At that point you need an expert touch to your mind who will bring the right puzzle pieces together for you. From the small kitchens to edgy bathrooms, you can now design your places no matter what their shape is.
Working with Granite Vision can help save you from making a costly mistake when choosing your kitchen countertop. We are located conveniently in Virginia so you can rest assured that there will always be customer support nearby whenever you need it. Contact us now to request the best quote for your kitchen and bathroom granite countertops that will create the difference you are looking for.